BlueJeans - error "Account not created" - Self Service Fix


BlueJeans Self Service (does not require support staff assistance)


I am trying to log in to BlueJeans, but get the error message "Account not created"


  • Completely clear all user data (cache, cookies, etc) from browser, including passwords (see Knowledge article KB0020539 for help clearing cache)
    1. Note: this will clear this information from all websites you have visited from this browser
    2. If you do not want to clear your browser data, try a different browser (preferably one that you do not use much)
  • Restart browser
  • Try logging in again from
  • After the old data is gone, you will see the University of Michigan log in option on left side of the log in screen
  • Click the blue log in button, and you will be forwarded to the University of Michigan Weblogin screen
  • Login and you should be directed to BlueJeans

If this does not solve the issue your account placement with BlueJeans may need to be confirmed. 

Additional Notes

Please contact the ITS Service Center:

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Mon 4/20/20 8:04 AM