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How do I access Michigan Medicine email on MiWorkspace Windows computers?

What if I am having trouble connecting to my Michigan Medicine email using Outlook 365 on my MiWorkspace Windows computer?

Note:  The following information applies to all U-M-owned, non-HITS-managed computers--not just MiWorkspace.


  1. Activate Office 365 with your UMICH (Level-1) login by going to portal.office.com
  2. Open Microsoft Outlook
  3. You will see a screen asking you to "Add <uniqname>@umich.edu" 
  4. Click "Add Others"
  5. At the next screen, enter "<uniqname>@med.umich.edu" as your email address and click "Continue"
  6. After entering your Level-2 password, click Sign in
  7. Respond to the Duo prompts
  8. Uncheck the "Allow my organization to manage my device"
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Finish
  11.  Make sure your new profile is highlighted in the Always use this profile and click OK
    General screen with the Michigan Medicine (Level 2) account highlighted in the top box and below, there are radio buttons with Michigan Medicine (Level 2) chosen under "Always use this profile"
  12. Open Outlook
  13. If asked, enter your Michigan Medicine (Level 2) password and click OK

Use Windows Virtual Desktop or Outlook on the web if Outlook 365 doesn't work

If you are encountering issues with using Outlook 365 on non-HITS managed computers, you should use either Windows Virtual Desktop or Outlook on the web (aka OWA).  Though the following article references "personally owned" devices, it details the steps needed to use these solutions. Please visit Outlook - How to access your Michigan Medicine mailbox from a personally owned PC or Mac.

Additional Information

See Install and Activate Microsoft Office 365 for Mac (MiWorkspace)) for instructions for Macs.

Project Related Links from HITS:

Do not check the "remember my credentials" checkbox when setting Outlook up on a shared account that is used by multiple people.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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