Setting Up Michigan Medicine Outlook 2016/Office 365 on Windows


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Setting up Michigan Medicine Outlook on non-CoreImage Windows computers


Connect to to one of the following VPN profiles using Cisco AnyConnect:

  • UMVPN - Med Exchange Off Campus
  • UMVPN - Med Exchange On Campus

Open Outlook 2016 (Note: The first time someone logs into any computer, they must run through these steps to get Outlook up and running.)

  1. In the Start menu, search for "Outlook 2016"
  2. In the Welcome to Outlook 2016" screen, click Next
  3. When asked, "Do you want to set up Outlook to connect to an email account?", select Yes and click Next
  4. Ensure the email is "" - if not, add the "med"
  5. Leave the Password field blank
  6. Click Next

  7. Outlook will search for an account and pop up a "Windows Security" window asking for your password.
    1. Click More Choices
    2. Select Use a different account
    3. Use format "umhs\uniqname" for the username and their Level 2 password

    4. Click "Remember my credentials" if they will be the only person using Outlook on this account
    5. Click OK
    6. Click Finish
    7. Outlook will start syncing email with the Exchange server.

Setting up Outlook 365 should be similar, except you may need to click Connect after entering the email address, and then click Exchange in the "Advanced setup" window.


Additional Information

Do not check the "remember my credentials" checkbox when setting Outlook up on a shared account that is used by multiple people.


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