Troubleshoot My Wireless (WiFi) Connection


All devices connecting to non-Michigan Medicine WiFi at the University of Michigan, non-Michigan Medicine areas


Troubleshooting wireless connectivity when using U-M WiFi networks (MGuest – MWireless – eduroam - MSetup)


Note:  These instructions are for machines or devices NOT managed by a U-M department such as ITS MiWorkspace, LSA, or Michigan Medicine.  If your device is managed, please contact your IT/Help Desk if you are unable to connect.

Connect to WiFi

  1. Try MGuest First
    1. If your laptop, phone, or tablet does not seem to have a working internet connection, try connecting to the MGuest network
    2. You will need to accept the Terms & Conditions in a browser
  2. Once you have a connection, go to the website: in any browser
  3. Click the "Laptop, Phone, or Tablet" button for regular computers, phones, or tablets
    1. Follow the on-screen instructions to install profiles for U-M WiFi networks on your device
    2. When done, you may need to go to the WiFi settings on your device and connect to the network
  4. Click the "Other Device" button for other internet capable devices like game consoles, wearables, smart home devices, etc.
    1. Follow the on-screen instructions to register your device using the MAC (hardware) address of the device
    2. Follow vendor instructions to connect to the network named MSetup after the device is registered


  • Check for signal strength - anything less than "3 bars" could indicate an issue with WiFi in your area
  • Check to see which networks are in range of your device
    • You should at least see MWireless, MGuest, and eduroam when you are inside campus buildings (Non-Michigan Medicine areas)
  • If you see additional networks, that could indicate an issue
  • Check to make sure a network outage is not occurring in your area/building
  • Determine whether there is general interference and move away from it if you can
  • For devices that use a large data stream, such as gaming consoles or TV streaming, it is recommended to use Ethernet instead of WiFi

Getting Help

You can contact the ITS Service Center for more help. We will ask you the following questions in order to help fix your connection:

  • Device's MAC (hardware) address
    • The MAC or "hardware" address of your device is a unique identifier that helps make certain the right information gets to your device. It is how your internet search gets back to only you
    • Finding your MAC address is different for every device and manufacturer. Some devices will have it printed on the outside of the device (like WiFi routers), some will display it in the device settings. You can search the internet for "Find WiFi MAC [device]" or the Service Center can help you
  • General time/day of connection attempt
  • Physical location (building and room number) of the attempt
  • WiFi network name
  • Any errors or activity experienced during the attempt

Additional Information

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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