Students are Not Being Put Into Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms




Instructors create Breakout Rooms before the meeting in Zoom starts, but participants are not assigned to those rooms. 


One possible resolution that is easy to try:
When students are not logged into Zoom, zoom will not be able to identify them properly.  That prevents their assignment into appropriate Break Out rooms. One solution is to make sure students log in to or via SSO on the Zoom client.

If this does not work
Please note that pre-assigning Breakout rooms is a very complicated process.
Please do not escalate this to the Zoom T3 team as there is nothing more they can do to make this work that is not covered in the KB below.
Because of the complications involved in pre-assigning breakout rooms, the Zoom T3 team does not recommend that meeting hosts do this, and instead place participants in breakout rooms after the zoom meeting has started.
Please see the follwing KB Article. It is full of information about how the process works:

Additional Information

If there is anything outside of the information provided, please ask in the ITS-Zoom Slack Room for further guidance.


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Wed 5/13/20 11:11 AM
Mon 8/3/20 10:40 AM