MACC and MDF Data Center Access During COVID-19 Lockdown


MACC Data Center and MDF - Acronyms Described Below


Access to the MACC Data Center and MDF during the COVID-19 lockdown


Faculty, staff, and external tenants with valid access to the MACC and/or MDF will need to use their white MAVD card to access the building exterior doors. Your UMID will not provide access to the exterior doors. If you are a MACC tenant without a white MAVD card and need immediate building access please call University of Michigan Operations at 734-763-4000 when you arrive on-site.

If you need to visit the MACC data center or MDF, we ask that you send advanced notification to the ITS Data Center team via email at so that we can track the number of individuals on site at a given time.  When staff is allowed to return to work in the future, we may track and control MACC access even more carefully for an appropriate period of time. 

Additional Information

MACC - Michigan Academic Computing Center (our primary data center)

MDF - Main Distribution Frame (copper, fiber, and provider demarcation points)

MAVD - The landlord for MACC.  We are a tenant within the building, and MAVD controls building access from the parking lot.


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