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ITS Ticketing Application in TeamDynamix


How do I know what category to use for a TeamDynamix Knowledge article?



Categories control who can view any knowledge article. Subcategories allow people to browse.

  • Support Staff Categories
    • Only viewable to those with access to the ITS TeamDynamix knowledge application
    • Has subcategories
  • Public Categories
    • Viewable by anyone in the world
    • Has subcategories
  • U-M Login
    • A single category that covers all the subcategories and is accessible to members of the University of Michigan community
    • Must log in with UMICH login and password to access​​​


The Support Staff and Public categories have the same set of subcategories. The category (Support Staff, Public, or U-M Login) is what determines the visibility. 

All knowledge articles in either the Support Staff or Public categories in the ITS ticketing application should be assigned to a subcategory.

  • System Access, Password, and ID Management
    • Logins, passwords, access to systems, and modifications to individual account profiles in University directories
  • Desktop Computing and Networks
    • Computer system hardware platform (managed or unmanaged) and network connectivity
    • Usually involves people using what is provided with no modification
  • Academics and Instruction
    • Canvas, Faculty Business, MyLINC, Coursera and other tools for learning 
  • Personal Productivity
    • Technology tools to facilitate individual computing activities like videoconferencing, printing, email and calendar, and software applications.
    • Usually involves people making choices to customize their IT environment
    • Zoom is its own subcategory of Personal Productivity
  • Student and Employee Services
    • Campus Computing services, Concur, Benefits, HR or Student Administration and Records, Student Financial Aid, Payroll
    • Involves using IT services provided as a common good
  • Research
    • eResearch, Qualtrics, HSIP payment information
  • U-M Financial Services
    • eProcurement, Purchase Orders, Requisitions 
  • U-M Data Management
    • Reporting tools: BusinessObjects, MReports, Tableau, personal storage, DART, Document Imaging
  • Other University Business
    • Other services provided to the University community which fall outside the main categories
    • Includes reference documents for support staff
    • TeamDynamix is its own subcategory of Other University Business

Additional Information

This information is also listed in the description of each category in the TeamDynamix Client Portal.

You can submit a request for TeamDynamix support here: ITS-TeamDynamix Support.

Need additional information or assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.

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