HSIP User Roles


Human Subject Incentive Payment (HSIP)


What kind of roles are available for HSIP requests?


HSIP roles and the functionality they grant access for:

Requestor (Must be an active University employee or student)

  • Completes HSIP form online
  • Obtains the Subject Detail receipt

Approver (The M-Pathways PR HSIP UNIT ADMINISTRATOR security role is required - can be requested via OARS at access.its.umich.edu)

  • Edits and approves HSIP requests
  • Submits subject details

Custodian (AKA "Alternate Pickup," study team member)

  • Picks up and distributes funds (if applicable)
  • Obtains subject documentation

HSIP Office (Part of the Treasurer's Office)

  • Processes HSIP requests
  • Ensures compliance for subject reporting

Cashier's Office (Cash will not be released by the Cashier's Office to anyone who is not designated as the Custodian/Alternate Pickup on a request)

  • Option as a pick-up location for cash funds
  • Option for subject redemption of payment coupons


Additional Information

Obtained from MyLinc document https://maislinc.umich.edu/mais/html/HSIP_Overview.html


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