Change the Name of an MCommunity Group




Can a MCommunity group name be changed?


MCommunity group names cannot be changed.

Recommended alternatives:

  • If you want a group name that is searchable in the directory without the old group being found
    • Create a new MCommunity group with the new name
    • Copy the list of members from the old group and paste the list into the new group membership
      • Note that this is not an import/export, but rather a copy from a list or CSV and paste of the names into the Add Members box 
    • Copy other desired settings from the old group into the new group
    • Add the old group name in the "Also Known as" field of the new group
    • Delete the old MCommunity group.  
      • NOTE: You must permanently delete the group from the "Trash" tab before a new group can be created with the same name. 
  •  If you don't mind that the old group name is still searchable in the directory
    • Add the desired new name as an "Also Known as" name in the existing group's entry
      • NOTE: this will not work if the new name is the same as either the existing group name or existing group's email
    • Messages sent to the new group name will be delivered to the membership of the existing group

Additional Information

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