Set Auto-Response, Out-of-Office, or Vacation Notice for MCommunity Group


MCommunity, U-M Google Shared Accounts


  • Can auto-responses or auto-responders be used with MCommunity groups? 
  • Can a vacation message/out-of-office be set for MCommunity groups?
  • Will auto-responses or vacation messages work for U-M Google Shared Accounts and the associated MCommunity group?


The July 2022 MCommunity Project now allows for auto-reply messages for MCommunity groups, including the groups that control U-M Google Shared Accounts.

Note: You must be an owner of the MCommunity group (or associated group) to add an Auto Reply Message. Non-owners will not see the option.

  1. Go to and log in if needed
  2. Click My Groups
  3. Click the group you wish to add an auto-reply, out-of-office, or vacation message to
  4. On the left side next to Auto Reply Message click Edit
  5. Enter reply-text in the box
  6. Choose a Begin Date (today or later)
  7. Uncheck Indefinite End Date if you wish the message to stop at a later date
    1. Must choose a date later than the start date
  8. Click Save

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