Vaccination Information Form (Non-COVID-19) - "enter a valid date" Error


Vaccination Information Form (Non-COVID-19)


While completing the Vaccination Information Form (Non-COVID-19), an error message saying "Please enter a valid date of the form: mm/dd/yyyy." is appearing and does not go away despite entering a correctly formatted date.


  1. Review and confirm the dates in the fields are valid and in MM/DD/YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY format.
    • NOTE: A date submitted with the month or day as just one digit is not valid. Similarly, submitting the year as just the last two digits is not valid.
    • Example invalid dates: 1-5-10, 01/5/2010, 1-05-2010
    • Example valid dates: 01-05-2010, 01/05/2010
  2. Click Next
    • The error message will not automatically disappear just by entering a correctly formatted date. The Next button must be used to move forward and clear the error.

NOTE: You will be unable to navigate away from the page displaying the error (by clicking another section in the survey or by attempting to close and re-open the form) until a correctly formatted date is entered. If there are multiple date fields on the page, check all dates.

Additional Information

  • University Health Service (UHS) has the following page about immunization records (with an FAQs section): Immunization Records
  • The Health Response team has an FAQs page with details about COVID-19 vaccination policy and related topics. Use the search term "non-" to view FAQs related to the non-COVID-19 form.

Need additional assistance? Contact the ITS Service Center.


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