Getting Started with the ResponsiBLUE App


  • University of Michigan
  • ResponsiBLUE mobile apps for Android and iOS


Check in with ResponsiBLUE, the university's web/mobile screening app for COVID-19.  Some groups are required to use it regularly for campus compliance.


Sign in and Certify ResponsiBLUE (see second section for installation instructions and web access URL)

  1. Sign in using your UMICH (Level 1) uniqname and password ( not
  2. Accept the Duo prompts
  3. Click the Screening Check button to answer the questions
    1. It may show Required or Passed
      1. Both options are clickable
  4. Answer the screening questions
  5. Receive outcome screen that is good for 18 hours

Install ResponsiBLUE on a Mobile Device or Use the Web Interface

NOTE: If you used the web version of ResponsiBlue, take a photo or screenshot of the outcome screen to show as you enter campus buildings later in the day

Additional Information

  • Latest version (1.5.0) adds shortcut buttons on the home screen to Start Screening Check and Schedule Your Test if Screening Check or COVID-19 Testing has failed (Screening Check only), expired or expiring soon
  • Previous version (1.4.0) must click the Screening Check Required or Passed buttons to proceed to the questions (screenshots are below)

ResponsiBLUE box with a blue background and a large red box with an X in it. There is another box underneath it that says Required.   OR      ResponsiBLUE box with a blue background and a large green box a checkbox in it. There is another box underneath that says Passed.

  • Students may see an additional COVID-19 Testing section with "Expired" if weekly testing is not complete.  The screenshot below shows that section as Completed.

ResponsiBLUE box with a blue background and a large red box with a white X in it. There is a red arrow pointing to a line below it with the word Required in red. Under that is a line with the word Completed in green.

  • Answering the screening questions will renew compliance
  • Older versions of the iOS app may go immediately to the Screening Check

More information can be found at: 

Privacy policy and collected information can be found here:


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