3rd floor classrooms in Moore

To connect manually via HDMI: 

  1. To use the projector and share your screen, tap the Crestron display to get started. 
  2. Select HDMI. The projector will power on.
  3. Mac laptops, use the HDMI cable and USB-C adapter
  4. Windows laptops, there should be a built-in HDMI port.

To connect via Apple TV:

  1. You now have the option to use the AppleTV for up to 4 devices at once through the software Ditto Connect. Any platform can screen share wirelessly. (MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Chromebook, and Google Chrome Window).
  2. When you select AppleTV as the input, a screen will appear with instructions direct you to connect.goditto.com. For Mac laptops and iOS you can still use the traditional screen mirroring options as well. 

Adjusting the display on your device:

  1. Mac laptops, go to system preferences and search for display settings. You can use the Crestron system as a mirrored display or as a second display. 

  2. Windows laptops, you can right click on the screen to get to display settings, or search for display settings in the lower left toolbar.

Adjusting Sound:

  1. You will need to change the sound settings on your device to use Crestron. This can be through system preferences on Mac or through sound settings on Windows. 

  2. The volume is controlled on the Crestron panel. The same is true for the CD Player, Blu-Ray, and Aux. 

  3. Apple TV: If using Ditto Connect, select Air Squirrels from your devices’ sound settings. 

Using the Crestron system for DVD, Blu-Ray, AUX, and 3.5mm jack:

  1. Select the desired input

  2. Open the cabinet to insert your media

  3. Adjust volume via controls on Crestron panel 

For assistance with the classroom AV equipment, contact SMTD IT at: 
Email: smtd.it@umich.edu
Call: 734.998.7683

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