College Credit for Dual Enrollment during High School


I am in high school and dually enrolled in college courses. Will U-M give me college credit for those courses?

High school students who dually enroll for courses at accredited institutions of higher education may receive credit for courses that have been recognized for transfer to the University of Michigan in accordance with the university's transfer credit policy. Acceptance of courses and credits deemed suitable for transfer to the U-M is determined by faculty in the department, school, or college responsible for instruction in the subject area. Among the factors influencing the determination of acceptability are accreditation status, comparable academic quality, student performance, and the relationship of the course to other course offerings in the U-M academic units.

Here is how the process works:

  1. Once admitted, an applicant's final college transcript from their dually enrolled institution should be sent directly from the issuing institution to the University of Michigan via email to If possible, the applicant's date of birth and/or U-M ID should be included with the document.
  2. If credit can be added, it will appear on the admitted student's unofficial transcript as transfer credit. The GPA for the dual enrollment course(s) is not calculated into courses taken at the U-M, and, therefore, dual enrollment course grades will not be on the student's U-M transcript. (Exception: If dual enrollment courses were taken at UM-Dearborn and/or UM-Flint, the course grades will be on the student's UM-Ann Arbor transcript.)
  3. The review process can take up to six weeks after all required materials are received.

Note that college credit is not granted if the U-M does not offer a comparable course. The course may be assigned as either departmental credit or as an exact course equivalent. If you are transferring credit from U.S. institutions, you can use the Transfer Credit Equivalency Search to check course transferability. If you're transferring credit from international institutions, please use the Study Abroad Transfer Credit Equivalency Search.

Your academic advisor will review your transferred credits with you to determine whether and how these courses will count for distribution. Departmental advisors can meet with you to determine if courses will meet requirements for your academic major.

More information about the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts' policy regarding accepting dual enrolled credits as transfer credits is available on their website.



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