Amending Admissions Application After Submission

How do I modify my application after it has been submitted?

Submitting Supplementary Materials (Extra Recommendations, Research Papers, Artistic Portfolios For Non-Majors)

Do not submit any additional documents unless specifically requested, as this may delay your decision.


Submitting Additional Information (Awards, Revised Essays, Continued Interest)

Applicants who are not initially admitted in Early Action will have the opportunity to submit an Expression of Continued Interest (ECI) form to include additional information that was not part of their original application. The ECI allows for an equitable experience for all applicants who desire to send additional information after their application is completed.


Reporting Changes to Your Schedule, Declining Grades, or Errors on your Application (Correcting Self-Reported Test Scores or Changing Test Flexible Choice)

Please inform your U-M admissions counselor of any changes to your schedule or errors on your application. You may find the contact information for your admissions counselor on our admissions website.

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