BA in Public Policy

What would I study for a BA in Public Policy? How can I apply?

The Ford School BA in Public Policy is a liberal arts degree based in the social sciences. The Ford School gives students the knowledge and skills needed to analyze policy problems, understand the stakes, and create viable solutions.

The Ford School seeks students with strong transcripts (grades, course selection, and progress toward meeting the distribution requirements) who are also engaged in serious ways with campus organizations, community service, political organizations, and leadership activities. The Ford School seeks to recruit a group of students who are diverse on many dimensions and who will be successful members of a learning community.

Students who are already enrolled at the University of Michigan–Ann Arbor apply to the program during their sophomore year and are admitted to the Ford School for their final two years. Before beginning the program, students must have junior standing and must complete the following prerequisites:

  • Principles of Economics I (Econ 101)
  • Principles of Economics II (Econ 102)
  • One course from Race and Ethnicity (RE)
  • One introductory social science course, such as Systematic Thinking about Problems of the Day (PUBPOL 201)

Students must receive a C- or better in any prerequisite and core courses.

A short application form can be completed online via the Ford School website and is available beginning in October through Feb. 1.

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