Short Term Parking for Prospective Student Visits

Where can I park on campus during my visit?

PCI Municipal Services operates several convenient parking structures near campus . The Maynard Structure, located at 324 Maynard St. between William St. and Liberty St., allows for all day parking for $1.20 per hour and is a convenient place to park near the Student Activities Building, which is the home of the Huetwell Visitors Center. If parking in the Maynard Structure is full, the Liberty Square Structure and the Library Lane Structure are both only a short distance away.

Short-term metered parking for is also available on the streets adjacent to the Huetwell Visitors Center for $2.20 per hour. However, those spaces have a time limit, so we do not recommend them.

Handicapped parking is available in all lots and structures. Display of a state handicap parking permit and payment of the hourly fee are required, unless free parking is stipulated on the handicap permit.

Visitors should be aware that the handicapped-accessible, faculty/staff designations, metered parking, and loading zones are enforced at all times. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is not responsible for tickets received during your visit.

For directions to the campus, go to the Admissions Maps & Directions webpage.

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