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Do I need to bring a computer to campus?

With the exception of Stamps School of Art & Design students who are required to purchase a specific computer package, students do not need to bring their own personal computer to campus.

As a member of the U-M community, you will have access to Campus Computing Sites, which offer more than 2,000 Windows and Mac machines, laser printers, scanners, and hundreds of learning, creative, and productivity software resources. In addition, you will automatically receive standard computing services, which includes email, printing allotments, online storage options, and more. Please visit the UMICH Tech Guide webpage for more information about services that will be available to you as a student.

There are also several laptop loaner programs. The Michigan Undergraduate Laptop Program (ULP) provides laptops, free of charge, to selected incoming students that have been identified by the Office of Financial Aid. Sites @ Home is a long-term laptop loan program for any actively enrolled Ann Arbor student who has an academic need for a more powerful, more reliable, or different OS device from what they currently have available.

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