College Preparation

What should I be doing in high school to prepare to apply to U-M?

We've created an entire Preparing for College guide that will help you plan year-by-year how to become a truly competitive applicant.

Ideally, students who plan to enter U-M will have completed five units (full-year courses) during each of the four years of high school. Students should elect Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, honors, enriched, and accelerated high school courses when appropriate and possible.

Incoming first-year students must meet the requirements subscribed to by the state of Michigan, which include four years of English, three to four years of math, three to four years of science, three years of social science or history, and two years of the same foreign language. University of Michigan schools and colleges may also require additional coursework; please see the Admissions website for further information.

Register as a prospective student to receive relevant information and opportunities. If you would like to see the University of Michigan for yourself, please schedule a visit.

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