Campus Safety

How safe is the campus?

U-M employs its own security and police force who patrol the campus and work with the city of Ann Arbor to make our campus as safe as possible. Please view the Division of Public Safety & Security's (DPSS) website for a list of services provided, as well as crime & safety data.

Some other safety features on campus include:

  • After Hours Transit Services: University of Michigan has many services available, including SafeRide, Night Ride, and Emergency Ride Home, to help students, faculty, and staff get where they’re going at night—safely.
  • Emergency Blue Light Phones: Anyone on campus can directly contact DPSS by using the Emergency Blue Light Phones located throughout campus. Red box emergency phones or buttons, located in campus parking structures and building elevators, also directly connect to DPSS Dispatch Services. When the telephone receiver is removed from the cradle or the button is pushed, DPSS Dispatch Services is automatically provided a location and an officer will be sent to the location of the telephone.
  • Alerts: DPSS issues alerts whenever it is determined that there is an ongoing or continuing threat to the university community. These alerts are distributed via email to all UM-Ann Arbor students, staff, and faculty and are also posted on the DPSS website and Twitter page.
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