Summer Bridge Scholars Program

What is the Summer Bridge Scholars Program?

The Summer Bridge Scholars Program (SBSP) is a seven-week academic program that supports talented scholars in their first semester at the University of Michigan. As a result of engaging in the Summer Bridge Scholars Program, scholars enter the fall semester of their first year of college with a competitive edge by:

  • Earning six credit hours that fulfill degree requirements and become part of the scholar’s University of Michigan transcript
  • Building a strong and sustainable network of peers, staff, and faculty at U-M
  • Developing a strong sense of belonging within the U-M community through participation in community and co-curricular programming

All Summer Bridge scholars will earn six credits by registering for two courses:

  • CSP 100: Seminar in Academic Engagement (3 cr.)

AND one of the following courses chosen in consultation with an academic advisor:

  • CSP 103: Foundations in Quantitative Reasoning and Literacy (3 cr.)
  • CSP 105: Writing and Culture Seminar (3 cr.)

Each class will provide multiple opportunities for engaging in course material with faculty and classmates. This will take many forms such as weekly recorded lectures, online class discussions, and study groups. Faculty will be available for virtual office hours, and peer tutors will be available to assist with writing and math concepts.

Academic advisors develop strong working relationships with scholars. Through consistent on-going interaction, scholars and advisors forge a lasting relationship that is the foundation for personal guidance based on detailed familiarity with the scholars' intellectual strengths, needs, interests, and goals.

Please refer to the Comprehensive Studies Program's (CSP) website for more information on the Summer Bridge Scholars Program. You may also reach them via email at or by calling the CSP office at 734-764-9128.

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