Applying for Financial Aid and Scholarships

How do I apply for financial aid and scholarships?

Applying for Aid

Federal student aid: To apply for federal student aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using U-M's federal code 002325. The FAFSA is available on Oct. 1 at no cost to students. You will be considered for Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant, and Federal Direct Loans, as well as the Michigan Competitive Scholarship, Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver, Health Professional Loan, Nursing Student Loan, and Work-Study.

U-M grants and merit scholarships: If you wish to be considered for U-M grants and merit scholarships that address need, complete the CSS Profile using U-M's CSS code 1839 to ensure that we receive your information. The CSS Profile is also available on Oct. 1 each year.

If you are applying to attend U-M beginning in the fall term, the U-M Office of Financial Aid must receive a valid FAFSA, CSS Profile, and all other documents before the deadline of March 31 to consider you for available aid programs. Applicants who file their financial aid application by the Suggested Filing Date of Dec. 15, and are admitted, will receive a preliminary financial aid package sooner.


Applying for Scholarships

University scholarships: Students are considered for most scholarships and do not need to apply for them separately. We encourage you to apply for admission early to receive equal consideration with other applicants. Visit the My Scholarship Profile on Wolverine Access and complete it to ensure that you are considered for all scholarships. To be considered for scholarships that are awarded to students with financial need, you must also apply for financial aid.

You might also be eligible for scholarships from other sources. We encourage you to explore and apply for any scholarships for which you are eligible. U-M schools, colleges, and departments administer their own scholarships and some may require separate applications. For more information, contact the financial aid offices of the individual schools and colleges or your academic department. For more, visit the Office of Financial Aid Scholarships webpage.

Private Scholarships: Conduct your search for private scholarships from September to June of your senior year in high school. See the Office of Financial Aid Scholarships webpage for more information about where to look for scholarships that might be available to you. A list of private scholarship searches can be found at the bottom.

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