Declaring a Major

What is the process to declare a major?

The major provides students the opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge in one academic discipline while developing and refining skills that will serve them in a wide array of academic and non-academic endeavors. Course requirements for the various majors range from 24 to 48 credits at the 200-level and above. To declare a major, a student should contact the appropriate department and make an appointment with a department advisor.

Students enrolled in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) normally declare a major during the second term of their sophomore year (sophomore class standing is 25 - 54 credits). Go to the Majors and Minors webpage for a list of majors within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

A student electing a double major must meet all requirements for both majors. Each plan for the major must be developed in consultation with and approved by a department advisor. Please speak with your academic advisor upon arriving on campus for more information about double majors.

Additionally, declaring and pursuing a double major is different than pursuing a dual-degree. A double major is seeking two majors within the same school or college at U-M; a dual-degree is pursuing two majors from different schools or colleges on our campus. For example, a double major student could be majoring in English and in Economics (both offered through the College of Literature, Science and the Arts) and an example of a dual-degree seeking student might be a student enrolled in both the College of Engineering and in the Stamps School of Art & Design who – upon fulfilling graduation distribution requirements for each college or school – will receive a degree from each of them. Please note that the Ford School of Public Policy does not allow undergraduate students to pursue a dual-degree with any other school or college, although students have the option of pursuing more than one minor.

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