Requirements Before I-20 Can Be Issued

What are the requirements for an I-20 visa application to be issued?

The requirements to issue the I-20 are:

  • An admit decision of your application by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Confirmation of enrollment as indicated by the payment of the $300 enrollment deposit
  • Completed Financial Resources Statement (FRS)
  • Completed Certification of Financial Support (CFS); signed by sponsor and including the exact amount being certified. This amount must be at least the amount on the FRS to cover the first year of education.
  • Official supporting financial documentation from the sponsor (official bank statement or employer's letter on company letterhead; official scholarship letter indicating the details of the award). The name must match whoever signed the Certification of Financial Support (CFS), must be less than a year old, and must cover the first year of education listed on the FRS. These documents cannot be in the form of stocks, investments, securities, etc.

If immediately prior to U-M you studied at a U.S. school, then we need some additional information from your prior U.S. school. If you have maintained your F-1 or J-1 status and you will be in the U.S. for your first term of admission at U-M, a Transfer-In Form must be completed and submitted in addition to an acceptable FRS and official financial supporting documents. If you do NOT meet both conditions, you should not submit the Transfer-In Form and your current school will need to send you confirmation of your SEVIS record's status which you will then forward to for further review.

Submit your FRS and official financial supporting documents on Enrollment Connect by going to the View menu and choosing the Upload International Documents button. It is not necessary to send original documentation unless it has been specifically requested. Please also submit a photocopy of the name page of your passport. You can only upload your documents through Enrollment Connect once. If additional items need to be submitted after your initial upload, please email them to File size of attachments cannot exceed 10 MB.

Transfer-in forms should be emailed to or faxed (if an email scan is not possible) to 734-936-0740. Be sure to include your University of Michigan ID number (U-M ID) in the email and on all faxed documents. File size of attachments cannot exceed 10 MB.

You may contact us by phone at 734-764-7433 or via our Ask a Question option in our service catalog.

A Covid-19 Update can be found on the U-M International Center website.

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