BS in Urban Technology

What do you study as a Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology student, and how do I apply?

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning offers two undergraduate degrees. This answer discusses the Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology. Please visit our Bachelor of Science in Architecture knowledge base answer for information about the other degree.

The Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology combines urbanism, technology, and design to help you build the know-how and determined humility to shape future cities. Explore more in the online undergraduate viewbook.

Interested in seeing what classes and experiences await you? View a PDF of the four-year curriculum on the Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology webpage. As an Urban Technology student, you will enter as a first-year student with a declared major and take required courses each semester. In your first year, you and your classmates will take the fall as a gap semester before beginning college courses in winter semester (January) and completing year one with a Cities Intensive in the spring term (May and June). The Cities Intensive is a jam-packed two months of hands-on learning. During this busy semester, you will learn how to understand cities in depth, benefitting from field trips to Detroit and other important urban centers.

Prospective students interested in urban technology can start by expressing interest via an online form to request additional information.

First-year applicants are required to submit the Common Application. No portfolio is required.

Taubman College will begin accepting cross-campus transfer students into Urban Technology every fall semester beginning in fall 2023; learn more on the Taubman College website.

Have more questions? Taubman College's chatbot, Alfred, can help you. Just visit the Urban Technology homepage and you’ll see Alfred. You may also contact Taubman College at

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