How Curriculum Is Used in the Selection Process

How is an applicant's curriculum evaluated?

An applicant's curriculum plays a large role in the selection process. We like to see students challenging themselves, and we encourage them to take demanding courses (such as AP, IB, honors, advanced, or accelerated courses, if offered) in subjects in which they feel they can perform well. College preparation information can be found on the admissions website.

We review the number of demanding courses separately from GPA, and during the holistic selection process the rigor of the applicant's curriculum is taken into consideration within the context of the high school the applicant attends. Math, science, English, social science, history, foreign language, and computer programming courses are considered academic in the review of an applicant's file.

U-M is aware that recent transcripts and educational records will include variable approaches due to COVID-19. Applicants will not be disadvantaged if they received pass/fail or credit/no credit or other COVID-related grades during these terms. Each academic record will be reviewed for curriculum selected, academic rigor, and academic performance within the context of all courses where grades are available and coursework pursued.

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