Checking Your Application Status

How do I check my application status online?

Logging into Enrollment Connect

If your application has been successfully submitted, within 3-5 days you will receive a verification email with the subject heading We Received Your U-M App, Now Log in to Enrollment Connect from This email will contain your login credentials for Enrollment Connect, an online portal for all your application needs: track your checklist and application status, receive important messages from our office, view your application decision, and more.

If it has been more than 5 days since you submitted your application and you have not received your login credentials, please visit the Verification Email knowledge base answer.


Status of Required Materials

All required materials, not just the Common Application, must be submitted by the application deadline in order for your application to be evaluated. Each required item in Enrollment Connect will be marked in one of three ways:

  1. Received - We have received the item.
  2. Awaiting - We have not received and/or processed the item.
  3. Waived - The item has been waived and is no longer required to be submitted.

We appreciate your patience while we process your documents. Please allow three days from the date you submitted your application materials for them to be marked as “Received” on Enrollment Connect.

Exception: Processing your materials may take longer during certain times of the year. Please use the table below to guide when you would need to follow up on resubmitting your documents during these peak times. For example, if you submit your materials on Nov. 1, Enrollment Connect may still show them as "Awaiting" through Nov. 10. If the items still show an "Awaiting" status on Nov. 11, you should request to have them resubmitted as soon as possible.

Materials Submitted

Processing Time

Aug. 1-Oct. 21

3 days

Oct. 22-Nov. 11

10 days

Dec. 2-Jan. 2

14 days

Jan. 25-Feb. 12

10 days

Documents to be resubmitted can be sent electronically through a document vendor (such as Naviance/SCOIR/Parchment), through the Common Application, or via email to If you are requesting to have the documents sent via email, please make sure to include your full name, U-M ID, and date of birth in your message.

Note: Application materials submitted after our Feb. 1 deadline will be considered on a space-available basis.

If your materials are not posting and you think that they should be, go to the Why Materials Sent May Not Post as Received knowledge base answer. We encourage you to follow up with anyone who may be sending required materials on your behalf, such as your issuing institution (for transcripts), testing agency, or high school counselor, academic teacher, etc. (for recommendations).


Verifying All Other Application Information

Verify all application information, including your personal data, by going to Enrollment Connect and choosing the Application menu. Next, select the button that reads Verify Application Answers, which will show what you have on file with us. If you need to update your contact information, click on "Request to Update Personal Information" at the bottom of the Verify Application Answers panel. If you need to request that your application be updated to a different term or school or college, click on "Request to Update U-M College or Term" instead.

We are unable to display the actual test date; nearly all of our test scores are loaded as the first of the month for the testing date. If the month and year of the tests displayed are not accurate, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 734-764-7433.


Viewing Application Decisions

All application decisions will be displayed on Enrollment Connect.

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