How Transfer Credit Is Posted and Applied

How will transfer credit be posted to my U-M transcript and how will it be used?

Courses approved for transfer will be posted to a student’s U-M transcript in one of the following ways:

Equivalent Credit: Courses granted equivalent credit have descriptions that closely match the descriptions of courses taught at UM–Ann Arbor. These courses will appear on the University of Michigan transcript with a U-M course number assigned (e.g., CHEM 130; ENGLISH 125).

Departmental Credit: Courses granted departmental credit have descriptions that do not match a specific course in a department at UM–Ann Arbor, but are recognized as credit earned in a specific department. The course is assigned a three-digit departmental number (e.g., CHEM 101X; ENGLISH 202X). The first digit indicates the course level: 100, 200, 300, 400, etc. The third digit represents how many courses transferred in that department as departmental credit. The "X" denotes that departmental credit has been granted.

Departmental Credit is transferable, but it is usually applicable as elective credit. Therefore, departmental credit may not be used to satisfy admissions prerequisite requirements. Additionally, departmental credit cannot be used to satisfy distribution requirements or major/minor requirements without the permission of an academic or major advisor within the school/college.

Interdepartmental Credit: Courses that cover a broad range of topics within a general area of study transfer as interdepartmental credit. These are courses that, because of the scope of their subject material, cannot be assigned to any individual academic department. The course is assigned to a interdepartmental category and is assigned a three-digit course number (e.g., INTERHUM 101X, INTERSS 202X, INTERNS 301X) The first digit indicates the course level: 100, 200, 300, or 400. The third digit represents how many courses transferred as that interdepartmental credit at the same level. The "X" denotes that interdepartmental credit has been granted.

Interdepartmental credit is usually applicable as elective credit. It must, however, be approved by an academic advisor if it is to be used towards distribution and/or academic major requirements.

Repeated Courses: Information regarding how repeated courses will appear on a transcript can be found on LSA's Repetition and Out of Sequence webpage.

For More Information: View the Transfer Information & Residency Policy on the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) website.

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