Why U-M May Revoke Admission

For what reasons does the U-M revoke admission?

Admitted first-year students:

The University of Michigan expects all aspects of your academic performance and conduct in your senior year to be consistent with the record you presented upon admission. Any significant decline in your academic performance, such as three or more C's, or any D's, E's, or F's, may be cause for revoking admission. Declining grades or a significant change in curriculum may also be cause for revoking admission.

Although senior year grades are reported directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and reviewed, it is your responsibility to advise our office of any serious decline in grades or changes in course selections previously entered on your application by emailing your admissions counselor. You can find contact information for your admissions counselor on the Admissions website.

Admitted transfer students:

You are subject to admission revocation if the course work you complete before your intended term of enrollment at U-M does not meet our academic standards.

All admitted students:

You have an ongoing responsibility to inform the Office of Undergraduate Admissions immediately of any changes to your disciplinary and/or criminal history until you start classes. Failure to report prior or pending disciplinary and/or criminal history may result in the revocation of your admission.

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