U-M ID Number (U-M ID)

What is the U-M ID (University of Michigan ID or UMID) number, and where do I locate that number?

The U-M ID is an eight digit number that is assigned to every applicant once their application materials are received in our office. Your U-M ID is unique to you and will remain with you throughout your connection to the university. You will need this number to verify your identity when accessing U-M computing systems or communicating with departments. It is not needed in order to submit an application, but once an application is submitted, adding this number to all subsequently submitted materials can assist our office in matching the materials to your application.

We will send you your U-M ID in a verification email after you successfully submit your application. Your U-M ID will also be viewable in the upper left-hand side of your Enrollment Connect portal, just underneath the name of the School or College on our campus to which you applied.

If you are unable to locate your U-M ID, please call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 734-764-7433 for assistance.

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