Second Undergraduate Degree

How can I apply for a second undergraduate degree?

The University of Michigan admits very few students who are seeking a second Bachelor's degree, instead recommending that students continue on to postgraduate education and pursue a Master's or Doctoral degree. For those still wishing to pursue a second undergraduate degree, there are several strict requirements, including:

  1. At least two years must have passed since the student last attended college.
  2. The field of study must be radically different from the original degree.
  3. There must be a specific reason to pursue the degree, such as wanting to obtain this degree in order to gain admittance to graduate school.

If, after reading and determining that you meet the above listed requirements, you still wish to apply for a second undergraduate degree, you will need to complete the application requirements that pertain to transfer students.

You may wish to consider taking only the requisite courses you need to apply to graduate school and not seek a second undergraduate degree. Please refer to the information regarding our Non-degree Application/program of study. The non-degree seeking student takes courses for credit and receives a grade. These courses will appear on an official transcript from U-M; however, they may not be applied toward fulfilling degree requirements to obtain an undergraduate degree.

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