Import Final Grades to SIS - Blackboard

Setting up Blackboard

  1. Login to your course and navigate to the Grade Center
  2. Create a new Column in your gradebook by selecting the Create Column button
  3. Name the new Column Final Grade
  4. Select Letter in the Primary Display
  5. Enter 100 in the Points Possible. This is necessary for the grades to display properly. The points will be excluded from the overall points possible for the course
  6. For the option Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations select No.
  7. Click the Submit button

In this new column, enter the letter grade that each student earned. (e.g. A, A-, B+...).

  • Enter F instead of E. Blackboard won’t recognize E. Translates in SIS
  • Enter only letters. Entering scores will cause the import to not work


Importing to SIS

  1. Access the final grades page for your course in SIS.
  2. Click the Load Grades from Blackboard button
  3. A new column called Fetch Status will appear in the grades table. This column indicates whether a grade was imported for each student.
  4. Review all the imported grades for accuracy.
  5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the grades.
  • Note: If you have more than one page of students listed in SIS, please click the next page and run the import again.
  • Check for error messages as you normally would, and you may repeat this process as necessary.
  • All other grading policies set by the registrar are still enforced.


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